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Focus on What You Do Best

With over 30 years of bookkeeping experience, look no further for your accounting needs.  We have experience in numerous industries, from veterinarians to hair dressers - restaurants to contractors.  We can help you get back to the business of being successful while giving you the insight to make important business decisions.

Specialty Industries

Construction and Contractor Accounting

Accurate construction accounting can help answer many questions. Are your jobs really profitable? What’s your real overhead, and what does it mean to your earning potential? If a bank asks for a balance sheet, do you even know where to start? If not, how can you get that loan you need to grow?

Equine Bookkeeping

The equestrian community is a unique industry with multiple challenges.  With more and more syndicates being formed, small business owners branching out into niche areas of expertise, and complicated reporting requirements, having accurate financial reports are critical.  We can track earnings and expenses precisely, handle national grant applications, USADA reporting and more.  We work with farriers, veterinarians, trainers, boarding operations, and more.

Personal Wellness and Gyms

Whether you own a boutique gym or are part of a franchise, we have you covered.  Well versed with Mind Body software in addition to other applications, Old Oak Bookkeeping understands the importance of providing your clients with top value for their investment.  Salon owners, lifestyle coaches, or motivation speakers all benefit from our trustworthy record keeping.  We take pride in giving our clients their time back to spend on growing their business knowing that they are in capable hands.

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